Data for Better Life

Data is crucial. To understand society and the challenges it faces, modern technologies that help us to promote human rights are required.

Our mission is to support and enrich civil society by providing analytical and publishing tools. We develop software and IT-solutions for NGOs and grassroots, media and academic institutions. Our emphasis is on data collection, database projects, data visualization and data journalism.

Humans above All

Both privacy and open data are public benefits. Society can only win from big data if individual's rights are protected.

Those with power and capital already have privileged access to information and advanced software to be able to analyze data. This can be quite scary. Especially when we know that ordinary citizens and those who are working for public benefit often barely have enough money and, relatively, basic and non-innovative technologies.

Engineering Progress

We produce tools and solutions which help NGOs, grassroots, media organisations and scientists to improve our world.

We mix these worlds: civil society and technological industry, art and hackers, media and academia. We develop solutions that match the needs of independent actors. We reduce the gap between non-profit organizations and the world of modern technology.

Current Projects

We make an emphasis on data collecting, database projects, data visualization and data journalism and promote concepts of open data, open source and creative commons in media and non-governmental area.


A full-stack publishing solution involving different technologies to power digital archives.

Monitoring Pro

A custom solution to monitor human rights violations in the field of civil rights.

Meet our team

We are a community of programmers, web-developers and journalists, whose goal is to strengthen civil society through modern information technologies.

Christina Danick